Kaafiye. Unlimited talk time with SMS bonuses
Keep the conversation going with your family and friends. Snatch up this deal for maximum savings.
For those who crave endless conversations and connectivity without limits.
Unlimited Talk Time
Affordable Pricing
Reliable Coverage
Kaafiye Bundles
Unleash Unlimited Communication!
  • 24 HOURS
    Unlimited Calls
    Stay connected all day long with unlimited calls for 24 hours at just $0.30.
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  • 30 DAYS
    Most Popular
    Unlimited Calls +1000 SMS
    Never run out of talk time with unlimited calls and 1000 SMS for 30 days, only $7
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  • 7 DAYS
    Unlimited Calls +500 SMS
    Keep the conversations flowing with unlimited calls and 500 SMS for 7 days at $2
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  • 14 DAYS
    Unlimited Calls +750 SMS
    Talk your heart out with unlimited calls and 750 SMS for 14 days, priced at $4
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Please be advised that the validity period of the SMS messages may vary depending on usage and could end before the expiration date.
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