USSD Services. Empower your users to access information and services with ease through USSD.
Explore the various applications and benefits of USSD Services and embark on a journey towards success and innovation
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Unlock the immense potential of USSD Services and experience the limitless possibilities they offer
Create interactive &
engaging USSD menus
Delight your customers with interactive menus that make it easy for them to navigate and access the information or services they need.
Integrate USSD with
your existing systems
Seamlessly connect USSD services with your current systems, enabling efficient communication and interaction between your customers and your organization.
Instant access to
information & services
Give your customers quick and convenient access to information, whether it's checking their account balance, getting updates on services, or accessing important resources.
Get your short code number
Telesom's USSD Service comes with a dedicated short code number for your business
Short Code service provides businesses and public institutions with unique three or four-digit numbers, simplifying access to call center support, interactive voice response, SMS updates, and USSD services. It's a powerful tool to streamline communication and serve your audience effectively.
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Four-Digit Number
$20 installation
Perfect for businesses looking for a cost-effective solution to enhance customer engagement and streamline communication with their audience.
Three-Digit Number
$100 installation
For businesses that require a more customized and robust communication solution, our four-digit short codes are the ideal choice
SMS Integration
Enhance Your USSD Service with SMS Gateway Integration
Take your USSD service to the next level by seamlessly integrating it with our SMS Gateway. Enjoy enhanced functionality, data exchange, and communication capabilities.
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Unlock the immense potential of USSD Services and experience the limitless possibilities they offer
Reach customers without internet
access or smartphones
With USSD, you can connect with a wider audience, including those who don't have internet access or smartphones, ensuring inclusivity and maximizing your reach.
Enable self-service
options for customers
Empower your customers with the ability to perform tasks and access information independently, reducing the need for manual assistance and enhancing customer satisfaction.
Gather valuable data
and insights through
USSD surveys
Harness the power of USSD surveys to collect data that can inform your business decisions, improve your services, and better understand your customers' preferences.
Choose the option that suits your needs
USSD Service
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Getting started with Dhambaal is as simple as visiting your nearest Telesom branch. Once you're set up, you'll be able to send messages to your specified groups in no time.
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