Telesom foundation
For a better tomorrow
Telesom Group Foundation strives to uplift
and empower communities through strategic giving.
Telesom foundation
We are committed to making a positive impact on
our community.
Our Vision
To be and be recognized as the best organization in the region contributing in the fields of development, emergency relief and well-being to attain global standards.
Our Mission
To capitalize on Telesom Group’s resources and technical expertise to assist and provide the platforms necessary to improve the quality and efficiency of the lives of our community in terms of healthcare, education, employment and emergency relief”.
Latest Donations
Learn about our generous donations that support community needs, including disaster relief, education, and other philanthropic endeavors.
Baqi Cemetery
Telesom Foundation, as part of its ongoing commitment to community development and social responsibility, has made a substantial donation of $50,000 to the Baqiic Graveyard. Telesom Foundation helps in creating a more inclusive and supportive society.
Wajale market
The foundation contributed $150,000 to assist in the aftermath of a devastating fire disaster that struck the Wajale market.
The Telesom Group Foundation, in a heartfelt response to the pressing needs of the community extended a generous donation of $150,000 to support those who were displaced from Laascaanood.
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Partners manage and implement various projects on our behalf, contributing to our mission's success.
Innovate Ventures
Telesom recognizes the entrepreneurial potential within the Somaliland community and in collaboration with Innovate Venture Organization, has been promoting technology-based businesses in Somaliland since 2016.
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Global Polyclinic
Telesom's unwavering commitment to the welfare of the community has manifested in a vital partnership with Global Polyclinic that aims to address the pressing healthcare needs of children living with diabetes.
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Learn about the core areas where Telesom Foundation focuses its efforts
Emergency relief
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