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Aqoonmaal offers an array of valuable programs designed to cater to your diverse needs and interests. From the latest news updates to engaging educational content, we've got you covered.
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Latest News
Get instant global & local news alerts.
This program provides you with timely and comprehensive news bulletins, keeping you informed about current events and developments from around the world. Join the News Program and never miss out on the important news that matters to you.
Get local news by sending dal to 150
Stay informed about horn africa by sending war to 150
Get global news by sending calam to 150
Dive deep into the world of Islamic knowledge.
This program is dedicated to increasing public awareness of religious and Islamic subjects. Whether you're interested in Hadith, Sira, or Tafseer, you'll find valuable insights and wisdom here.
To access the islamic page text "islam" to 150
Nurture your social awareness and literacy skills
This educational initiative features multiple-choice questions and answers designed to broaden your knowledge. It's a fun and interactive way to enhance your learning. To participate, Dial *150# and choose option 2.
Dial *150# and choose option 2.
Hooyo Xaawo
Special weekly program exclusively designed for women.
Gain access to expert insights, inspiring stories, and practical guidance for motherhood. Join the Hooyo Xaawa program and be part of a supportive community.
To participate text "Xaawa" to 150.
Extraordinary events from around the globe.
From the incredible to the unbelievable, This program aims to captivate and inspire you with fascinating stories, incredible achievements, and awe-inspiring moments. To embark on a journey of wonder.
To access the Cajiib Program text "CAJIIB" to 150.
Join the vibrant discussions and debates.
This engaging program brings Aqoonmaal customers together to explore fascinating topics. Hosted by our knowledgeable staff, it's an opportunity to share your thoughts and learn from others.
Join the conversation by texting "Dood" to 150.
Thursday 4:10 PM to 5:30 PM
Collection of interesting articles that cover diverse subjects.
Thought-provoking content, engaging stories, and informative articles on various topics such as science, history, culture, lifestyle, and more., this program has something for the curious mind. To explore fascinating articles.
To access the Maqaal Program text "Maqaal" to 150.
Quizzes to test the student's level of knowledge
It is a program designed to benefit school students. Layliye includes quizzes to test the student's level of knowledge and understanding of the subjects they have studied. It is all about Somaliland syllabus.
Dial *150# and choose option 3.
Seamless Translation Between Somali and English
Our Translation Program allows you to effortlessly translate between Somali and English, putting the power of communication in your hands.
To translate from English to Somali text "EN" followed by the English word you want to translate, and send it to 150.
To translate from Somali to English, text "SOM" followed by the Somali word want to translate, and send it to 150.
How to
To subscribe Aqoonmaal, send "REG" or "SUB" to 200, and you will be registered.
To learn more about Aqoonmaal services, send a text with "HELP" as your message to 150, or simply text "OGOW."
To cancel this service at any time, text "DEL" to 150.
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Word of the day
Learn a new English word every day. Beneficial for those eager to enhance their English vocabulary.
The Qormo Program is a weekly program where you can find interesting essays.
Exploring the history of individuals who have made an impact on the world
Stay updated with the latest in technology and innovation.
Idiom of the day
Idiom of the Day program introduces common idioms and their meanings.
Test your English
Quizzes and exercises to help you improve your English proficiency.
Guidance and answers to common questions related to Islamic practices
Prayer times
Access accurate and up-to-date prayer timings for your location
Grammar wise
Improve your English grammar skills with Grammar Wise.
Valuable insights, articles, and tips on a wide range of health-related topics.
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