Telesom First
Leading the Way in Telecom, ISP, and Mobile Financial Services
Pioneering Innovation in Somaliland
Telesom First marks our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence across the telecommunications, ISP, and mobile financial services sectors in Somaliland. As the pioneers in introducing cutting-edge solutions to the region, we have consistently set the benchmark for quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Join us as we continue to lead the industry forward, setting new standards and shaping the future of connectivity and digital finance in Somaliland.
telesom first
Transformative milestones
First GSM in Somaliland
Pioneered the introduction of GSM technology, revolutionizing telecommunications in the region.
First VAS Services
Launched the first Value-Added Services, enhancing the mobile experience for users.
First GPRS
The implementation of GPRS marks a significant step forward in mobile data connectivity.
First EVC System
Introduced the Electronic Voucher Card (EVC) system for streamlined mobile credit recharge.
First Mobile Money Services (ZAAD Services)
Revolutionized mobile payments with the launch of ZAAD services, providing users with a convenient and secure way to handle financial transactions.
First International Roaming Service
Expanded services globally with the introduction of International Roaming.
First Video Conferencing System
Pioneered Video Conferencing, transforming remote communication.
First Full Network Coverage
Achieved full network coverage, reaching even the most remote areas.
First Mobile-Based International Remittance Platform
First Mobile-Based International Remittance Platform
First 3G Services
Introduced 3G services, meeting the growing demand for high-speed mobile internet.
First Dual Currency Mobile Money
Innovated with Dual Currency Mobile Money, offering flexibility in financial transactions.
First 4G++
Set a new standard in mobile internet speed with the launch of 4G++.
First Mobile-Based Money Exchange Services
Diversified financial services with mobile-based money exchange.
First Voice ID Verification for Humanitarian Services
introduced Voice ID Verification, enhancing security and efficiency in humanitarian services.
First-ever 5G Network in the country
Launched the first-ever 5G mobile service and fixed wireless access (FWA) in the country, ushering in a new era of connectivity and technological advancement.