Telesom Group Overview
Telesom Company stands as a beacon of connectivity and innovation, proudly serving the entirety of Somaliland. Our telecommunications infrastructure spans the entire country, providing robust and reliable connectivity from urban hubs to remote regions. As a leading telecommunication companies in the Region and Africa, our commitment to technological excellence extends across various sectors.
Our Services
Sustainable Power and Other Services
Telesom Electric Company (TEC) is committed to providing sustainable power solutions. Other companies under our umbrella, like KAABSAN Group, MATCO, SOMGAS, and DHAWEEYE, cater to various needs, from construction materials and housing to automotive solutions, energy distribution, transportation services, and e-commerce.
Telecommunications and Financial Services
In telecommunications, our network covers the entire expanse of Somaliland, offering 2G to 5G technologies. Our financial services, including mobile money solutions like ZAAD and WAAFI App, as well as the offerings of Darasalam Bank, contribute to fostering financial inclusion and economic growth.
Commitment Beyond Business
Telesom Foundation
Telesom Foundation improves our community's life quality in healthcare, education, employment, and relief. Since 2016, we've promoted tech-based businesses within Somaliland, partnering with Innovate Venture. Our dedication to welfare led to a partnership with Global Polyclinic to address children's diabetes healthcare needs.
Telesom Academy
Our commitment to youth tech education is embodied in Telesom Academy, empowering individuals with skills and knowledge for a brighter future. Through various initiatives under the Telesom Foundation, we actively engage in humanitarian initiatives, demonstrating our dedication to community development and well-being.
Message to Shareholders
In the dynamic landscape of Somaliland, Telesom Company is not just a service provider but a catalyst for positive change. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the trust of our shareholders, which empower us to connect customers, drive innovation, and contribute tech development in the country.

Your decision to choose Telesom Company for your connectivity needs and the services our Portfolio provides is a testament to our shared vision. Together, we maximize opportunities and strive for mutual growth. Your role as shareholder is pivotal, and we value your contribution to our journey.

As we continue to expand and innovate, your feedback guides our path. We are committed to maintaining transparency and excellence in our services. For any inquiries, suggestions, or information regarding your shareholding, please reach out to our Shareholders Office:
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Main Office
TELESOM HQ2 BUILDING, Hargeisa MJ, Somaliland
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