Call Center Solution. streamline communication, and build lasting customer relationships.
We offer a range of tools and features that enable you to manage customer interactions seamlessly and enhance overall service quality.
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Key Features of Telesom's Call Center Solution
Inbound &
Outbound Calls
Handle incoming and outgoing calls efficiently and manage call queues effectively.
Interactive Voice
Implement automated responses and self-service options to assist callers.
Keep records for quality assurance, training, and compliance.
Direct incoming calls to the most suitable agent based on predefined criteria, ensuring swift issue resolution and optimal customer experience.
Supervise live calls to ensure quality, provide real-time assistance to agents, and enhance training and coaching efforts.
Reporting &
Monitor call center performance, agent activity, and customer interactions in real-time.
short code
Choose a 3 or 4-digit short code for more streamlined Costumer experience.
Customize your Call Center with short code.
Simplify interactions and elevate costumer experience.
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Call Center
1-3 Users
Perfect for businesses with modest requirements, this plan offers all the essential features to enhance customer support and engagement.
Call Center
3-5 Users
Tailored for businesses with a moderate call volume, this plan provides additional user capacity while retaining all the essential features.
Call Center
6-15 Users
Ideal for larger enterprises, this plan accommodates higher user capacity, ensuring optimal performance for businesses with significant call traffic.
Call Center
16-30 Users
Comprehensive and robust, this plan caters to the demands of large enterprises, offering extensive user capacity and advanced functionalities.
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use cases
Designed to serve a wide range of industries
Customer Support
Enhance customer service by providing quick and effective solutions to inquiries.
Technical Support
Provide technical assistance to resolve product or service-related issues.
Surveys and Feedback
Conduct customer surveys and gather valuable feedback to improve services.
Sales and Marketing
Drive sales through outbound calling campaigns and telemarketing.
Appointment Scheduling
Schedule appointments efficiently and reduce no-shows.
Elevate Your Customer communication
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