Fleet Management.
Ensure the safety, security and accountability of your vehicles & drivers with our advanced GPS-based tracking system.
Track your entire fleet in real-time, optimize routes, reduce fuel consumption, and increase safety with our advanced tracking system.
Our GPS-based Fleet Management system empowers you with real-time insights and powerful dashboard to make informed decisions and enhance your fleet's performance.
Live Location Tracking
Safety Measures
Route Management
Parking Management
Vehicle Maintenance
Driver Contact
Priced based on your specific needs and requirements.
Vehicle Tracking
Our Basic Plan provides key fleet insights with features like live location tracking, history playback, speeding alerts, and unauthorized movement alerts. Ensure compliance and optimize vehicle usage with this package.
Speeding-related alerts
Live location & History playback
Parking state detection & Parking time
Deviation from the route & Unauthorized movement
Driving time & Engine hours (Time spent in motion and idling)
Harsh driving & Car crash
Trip history & Stops and start history & Geo fence (visit date, time and mileage)
Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management
Upgrade to our Advanced Plan for enhanced fleet management. This plan includes all the features of the Basic Plan, along with additional features such as driver tracking, behavior monitoring, and geo-fencing for optimal fleet operation.
Everything in Basic Plus
Driver Contact & Journal
Schedule Reports & Vehicle Maintenance
Eco Driving: Get alerts on speeding and harsh maneuvers ensuring safety and HOS compliance.
Geo Fencing & POI: (POI visits: Date, time and number of visits to POI)
Driver Behavior: Promote safe driving
Optional Add-ons
Optional add-on
Real-time cross-border tracking and geofencing with custom border crossing alerts.
Optional add-on
Fuel Monitoring
Designed to help you optimize your fuel consumption, receive real-time alerts and reduce costs
Optional add-on
SOS Button
Experience peace of mind with our SOS button for immediate assistance.
Optional add-on
Seat Belt Sensor
Seat belt detection and real-time alerts to promote driver and passenger safety and reduce accident risks.
Optional add-on
Key Sensor
Experience convenient electronic key access management and activity tracking with access history.
Unlock the potential of your fleet with our comprehensive fleet management solutions
Enhance Safety & Security
Ensure the well-being of your drivers with emergency assistance and real-time driver monitoring.
Optimize Operations
Stay updated with accurate location data, make informed decisions, and streamline your fleet operations.
Improve Efficiency
Promote safe driving practices, reduce fuel consumption, and enhance overall fleet efficiency.
Reduce Costs
Proactively maintain your vehicles, minimize repair costs, and optimize fuel consumption.
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