e-Billing Solution. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of hassle-free digital billing.
Streamline your invoicing and billing processes, eliminating the need for paper-based invoicing.
Experience the future of bill management with our e-Billing solution.
Automated Billing
Time and Cost Savings
Secure Transactions
Choose the option that suits your needs
$1 per transaction
$100 installation
Experience the future of bill management with our e-Billing solution.
Digital billing features.
Set up bill reminders.
Access to transaction history.
how to apply
Enhance your online business with ZAAD e-Billing Solution
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Verify Eligibility
Ensure your business has a physical address in Somaliland, meeting the eligibility criteria for ZAAD e-Billing API registration.
Provide Business License
Furnish a valid copy of your business license issued by the relevant authority, showcasing the legitimacy of your e-commerce operations.
Pay Application Charges
Process the one-time $100 API application charges to initiate the activation of ZAAD e-Billing Solution for your e-commerce venture.
How it works
e-Billing is part of the ZAAD API, which allows you to seamlessly integrate our services into your website, Mobile app, or web app
With the ZAAD API, you can easily connect to our platform and leverage the power of digital billing technology to enhance your customer experience and streamline your financial operations.
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