Fiber To The Air
A new era of wireless connectivity with Fiber To The Air Say goodbye to slow connections and hello to an immersive digital world.
Join the Fiber Revolution for Businesses
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Lightning-Fast Internet
Reliable Connectivity
Excellent costumer support
Unparalleled Mobility
Future-Proof Connectivity
Improved Productivity
Priced based on your specific needs and requirements.
5 Mbps
$50 setup
Our T-Lite plan offers a solid 5 Mbps speed, perfect for light internet use such as browsing and emailing.
7 Mbps
$50 setup
Our most popular choice, the T-Basic plan, offers a fast 7 Mbps speed, ideal for streaming and online activities.
15 Mbps
$50 setup
Great for heavier internet users, our T-Extra plan delivers 15 Mbps speed, suitable for multiple devices streaming and gaming
20 Mbps
$50 setup
Our T-Super plan offers a robust 20 Mbps speed, perfect for large households and heavy online gaming or HD streaming.
35 Mbps
$50 setup
Experience the pinnacle of our offerings with the T-Premium plan. Get a whopping 35 Mbps speed, ideal for ultra HD streaming, online gaming, and fast downloads.
On Demand
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$50 setup
Tailor your plan to match your unique requirements and business needs.
Uptime guarantee.
Speeds up to 1 Gbps
Data Cap Free
Upgrade your home internet with Fiber Optic internet Contact us now to discuss your internet needs and schedule an installation.
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Asked questions.
How long does it take to install fiber network?
How much does a fiber network plan cost?
What internet speeds are available with your fiber network plans?
Can I upgrade my fiber network plan?
Yes, you can upgrade contact us if you need a help
What equipment is included with your fiber network plans?
Can I use my fiber network for streaming video and gaming?
yes, you can do it