• Stay Connected During Hajj
    Download the Waafi App to stay connected with your loved ones at low rates, manage your financial transactions, and handle your bank account seamlessly.
  • Stay in stride with the world, Stay with Telesom
    Telesom's 5G mobile service represents a quantum leap in wireless technology, offering unparalleled speed, reliability, and connectivity.
  • Welcome to the future of internet connectivity
    We deliver lightning-fast, reliable, and seamless connectivity for homes and businesses.
  • Enjoy 24 hours of unlimited mobile data for just $0.5
    Embrace the freedom to surf, play, and connect on your terms!
  • Track your entire fleet in real-time, optimize routes, reduce fuel consumption, and increase safety
    Our GPS-based Fleet Management system empowers you with real-time insights and powerful dashboard to make informed decisions and enhance your fleet's performance.
Fiber Optic network
Looking for a high-speed internet solution that is reliable, secure, and can support your growing needs, Our fiber optic network is the best option for you.
Fiber For Business
Telesom's Business Fiber delivers a robust internet solution to propel your business forward. Experience uninterrupted communication, efficient operations, and enhanced collaboration
Fiber For Home
Telesom's Home Fiber brings the future of connectivity to your doorstep. With lightning-fast speeds and reliable connections, your online experience will never be the same
Fiber To The Air
Telesom's Fiber to the Air revolutionizes wireless connectivity, ensuring every corner of your space is a high-speed zone. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go, experience the freedom of unparalleled wireless connectivity with Fiber to the Air.
Mobile data bundles
Enjoy limitless browsing and streaming with our data options.
  • 30 days
    250 MB
    Perfect for users with essential data needs.
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  • 30 days
    Most Popular
    550 MB
    This is perfect for users who frequently use their phone for internet and calls.
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  • 30 days
    120 MB
    Ideal for users who make a lot of calls and need a moderate amount of data
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  • 30 days
    This is perfect for users who frequently use their phone for internet and calls.
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  • 30 days
    This is perfect for browsing, streaming, and staying in touch affordably.
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  • 30 days
    55 GB
    Perfect for heavy internet users who need sample data for browsing, streaming, and more without worrying about running out.
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KAAFIYE Voice Bundles
Unleash Unlimited Communication!
Explore Prepaid Plans
  • Unlimited Calls
    Stay connected all day long with unlimited calls for 24 hours at just $0.30.
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  • Unlimited Calls +1000 SMS
    Never run out of talk time with unlimited calls and 1000 SMS for 30 days, only $7
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  • Unlimited Calls +500 SMS
    Keep the conversations flowing with unlimited calls and 500 SMS for 7 days at $2
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  • Unlimited Calls +750 SMS
    Talk your heart out with unlimited calls and 750 SMS for 14 days, priced at $4
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Sim Cards
Secure Your Connection with Telesom SIM Cards
  • Regular Simcard
    Secure Your Connection with Telesom SIM Card.
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  • eSIM
    The next step for mobile connectivity.
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  • VIP Simcard
    Starting at $25
    Experience luxury and exclusivity with our VIP Simcards
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  • Business SIM Card
    Starting at $10
    Secure a batch of numbers with the same first 3 digits.
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